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XD Sight Pusher

Here is the XD Factory Sight Remover!


Here is the XD sight pusher.  They are milled out of a solid 2" x 2" x 5" block of 6061 aluminium.    The screws are grade 8.  The body is hard coat anodized.  


The new design has a clamp on the bottom and a non-rotating ram.  This XD sight pusher is Shown on an XD service pistol.  This new design allows for it's use on other slides as well. This pusher will remove and install most sights including Tru-Glo.  This tool can help take the nightmare out of changing sights and sighting in an XD.  It can move the sights in both directions, but removes and installs sights to one side.  Email for availability.  

To order: Send an email to hillwigtool@zoominternet.net  to reserve yours and arrange payment. My current inventory is gone,  all orders will need to contact:

Jim Hillwig - Owner

Hillwig Tool LLC
Phone/Fax: 814-337-0130
Cell: 814-337-1083

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XD sight pusher instructions


 The user of this device assumes all risks. Model and Toolmaking is not responsible for any damage or injury due to the use of this sight pusher. All possible care as been taken to make this sight pusher idiot proof, but there will always be a better idiot, so the user is solely responsible for making sure that no damage is done. The stock front sight may break under the extreme pressure involved in moving or removing, so we cannot be responsible for this. It’s a risk that is understood while changing XD sights. The replacement sights can be very tight as well.  There is a danger of breaking a sight if it is too tight for the dovetail in the slide, but it is rare that an aftermarket sight is as tight as a factory sight.  Be sure to remove any locking set screws from new sights before installing; this pusher will install the sight anyway and shear off the screw.  

If we need to explain to you to unload your firearm before using this tool, please do not use it.  Seek education on firearms safety from a qualified instructor.


Instructions :



Remove the slide from the handgun.

The use of this sight pusher is pretty self explanatory. If you are not sure that you can follow these instructions, you should consider finding a qualified gun smith to do it for you.


Grease should be used to protect the slide and sights from scoring .  Grease all the rubbing surfaces. If further protection is required, regular copier paper can be used in between the slide and the pusher. A shim is included to put between the slide and the side support screw to help protect the slides finish. 


Removing sights


1.)    Spray the sight and dovetail with the penetrating oil of your choice. This will aid in the sliding of the sight and help avoid damage.

2.)    Apply any good quality grease to the side of the sight that you will be pushing from. This is important to avoid scoring of the sight. Any thick grease will do.

3.)    Applying grease to the side of the slide anywhere the pusher will touch will help to protect it from damage from the extreme pressures required to move the stock sights.

4.)    Make absolutely sure that the sight pusher is sitting straight on the slide, and make absolutely sure that the ram is centered on the dovetail slot. Any misalignment could cause the screw to damage the finish on either side of the slot.

5.)   Put the flat faced screw opposite the ram( if the slide is narrower at the sight than where it is clamped) to keep the slide from canting.

6).  The ram (sliding block) should be between the sight and the screw.

7.)  The bottom clamp should be clamped onto the body as close to the sight as possible.  ( it can be flipped  so the recoil spring shoud will not be in the way of the clamp.)

8.)  When everything is lined up and clamped start turning the screw in.  The sights will probably be very tight.  Watch the screw.  It should travel between the sides of the dovtail. Stop before the screw touches the slide.

9.)  If the sight is not off all the way, remove the screw and insert a punch.  Tap the ram to drive the sight the rest of the way out.


1)  follow the instuctions that come with the sights.  some need to be installed from one side only.

2) start the sights on with a soft faced mallet or block of wood etc. until it will fit in the pusher.

3) line up and clamp as before.

4) using the screw, push the ram untill the sight is centered. 

If you have any questions please email us at matt@modelandtool.com.


To purchase a tool to remove the extractor go to www.pistolgear.com .

P4242738.JPG Here is a tool for removing the XD extractor.  This photo is of an old design and needs updated.  There are instructions at www.xd-hs2000.com/disassemble/slidedisassemble.html


For a video on removing the extractor go to: www.youtube.com/v/6F3xWPEiH3g